Accepted poster abstracts (click for abstract):

P1 Leblond et al.: Assessment of Predictive Biomarkers in Cancer Tissues using Micro-Immunohistochemistry followed by DNA Sequencing

P2 Brouwer M.: Immunohistochemical characterization of in vitro human skin equivalents for skin aging

P3 Haapaniemi et al.: Immunohistochemical fluoro-chromogenic triple staining for accurate detection of PD-L1 and PD-1 in NSCLC

P4 Gupta et al.: Expression and Interrelationship of p16, p53 and EGFR (by Immunohistochemistry) in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas (OPSCC) and Prognostic correlation.

P5 Putra et al. Comparasion Microsatellite Instability And Variation Mismatch Repair Protein Expression In Colorectal Cancer

P6 Casanova et al. Identification of morphologic parameters affecting the prognosis of lung squamous cell carcinoma patients by computer-based morphometric analysis

P7 Rulle et al. Challenging pathologist’s eye with computer-based intensity measurement in PTEN immunohistochemistry

P8 Khartchenko et al. Micro-immunohistochemistry meets machine learning: towards standardization

P9 Wu et al. 3D ex-vivo assay platform using primary cancer cells in malignant pleural effusions as predictor for clinical outcome of personalized chemotherapy

Guidelines for poster abstract and poster configuration

The Scientific Committee invites you to submit an abstract for consideration and inclusion in the scientific program as a poster presentation. Abstracts should be sent as a Word document attached to an e-mail to:

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The reviewers will judge the abstracts according to the relevance for standardization and quality assurance of immunohistochemistry, standard of English, objectivity of statement, description and suitability of methods to aims, conclusions confirmed by objective results, ethics, scientific value, potential clinical value, originality of work and overall impression.

Deadline is 11th May. All accepted abstracts will be published online on this conference website and in the program.


  • Abstracts are to be submitted in English  and should not exceed 200 words and structured in the following four specified subtitles: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion.

  • The abstract submission constitutes a formal commitment by the author to present the corresponding presentation at the conference.

  • Changes in authorship should be communicated to the Scientific Committee in order to ensure correct appearance in the printed programme.

  • If the original presenting author is unable to present, one of the co-authors should take over this responsibility.

  • Registration to the Congress is compulsory for speakers to be able to present the abstract and to get it published in the abstract book. Registration and payment of the fee must be completed not later than one month after the acceptance of the abstract. If the speaker fails to register and pay, the abstract will be excluded from the scientific programme and publication.

  • If a delegate has registered upon the condition that his / her abstract is accepted and the abstract is rejected, the registration fee will be refunded. The acceptance of abstracts by the Scientific Committee does not imply any financial assistance or fee reduction.

  • Notification of acceptance or rejection by the Scientific Committee will be e-mailed to the presenting author about 2 weeks after the abstract has been received. Detailed information about the poster format will be available at the conference website.


  • Choose a title that clearly indicates the content of the contribution.

  • Avoid abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the text if they are defined when used first.

  • The author‘s name (full first name, family name) and place of work (institution, city, country) should be indicated. Degrees, titles, street addresses and acknowledgements of support should be omitted, however.

  • To provide maximum information in the abstract:

o    State the specific objective of the study
o    State the methods used, if pertinent
o    Summarize the results obtained
o    State the conclusion reached

  • Please ensure that the abstract does not contain spelling, grammar or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

  • Send the abstract as a Word document attached to an e-mail to

Poster configuration

Poster boards are placed outside the conference hall. They are 100 cm wide and 180 cm high. Paste to mount the posters is available.

Abstracts will be published about 1st of April