Mogens Vyberg

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IHC in the classification of neoplasias of the
alimentary tract
Presentation (PDF)

IHC is frequently used in the identification and classification of neoplasias in the GI tract, liver, bile ducts and pancreas. The presentation gives a systematic overview of clinically useful immunomarkers in this field, such as Cytokeratins, CDX2, SATB2, Cadherin 17, MMR-proteins, Synaptotophysin, Chromogranin, SMAD4, Arginase, Glypican 3, CD10, CD66a, CD117 and DOG1. Their diagnostic application as well as technical and clinical pitfalls will be discussed, and aspects of external quality assurance presented.

EQA of mesenchymal markers
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A large number of immunomarkers relevant for the identification and classification has been included in NordiQC challenges. The proportion of sufficient results has varied from less than 50% to 95% but the optimal results have ranged considerably lower. The causes of suboptimal results are typically less successful antibodies, too dilute antibodies, inappropriate demasking and platform issues. The use of proper controls and correct interpretation should allow for improved performance. The labs should also take notice of which clones generally seems to give the highest scores (e.g., CD31: JC70A; CD117: YR145; Calretinin: SP65), and which clones perform less well on certain platforms (e.g., Benchmark: smooth muscle actin clone 1A4, podoplanin clone D2-40; Omnis: desmin clone D33).

Mogens Vyberg was board-certified as specialist in pathology 1984. Senior consultant at the Institute of Pathology, Aalborg University Hospital, since 1988 and professor of clinical pathology at Aalborg University since 2012.
Prof. Vyberg’s main clinical expertise and research fields are gastrointestinal, liver and brain pathology, immunohistochemistry and image analysis. He is author and co-author of about 130  peer reviewed scientific papers and conference abstracts, and several book chapters in these fields. He is head of the Laboratory for immunohistochemistry/R&D, which carries out quality control and protocol optimization for the world’s leading diagnostics companies.
Prof. Vyberg is also co-founder and director of the international organization Nordic Immunohisto­chemical Quality Control (NordiQC,, which was established in 2003 at the Institute of Pathology, Aalborg University Hospital, and currently serves more than 700 pathology laboratories from 85 countries.
Prof. Vyberg is board member of the International Quality Network Pathology and the International Society for Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology.

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